What We Do

Image: "North Korea" by "Stephan". Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Korea Future Initiative is a London-based not-for-profit that rescues vulnerable North Koreans, reports on human rights violations, and provides redress to exiles through transitional and conventional justice mechanisms, memory projects, and outreach programmes with exiled communities.


We raise funds to rescue vulnerable North Koreans and bring them to safety. Without your generous donations, escaping North Korean refugees are at great risk of arrest, repatriation, or exploitation. We ensure that North Koreans are supported as they begin new lives in free countries.


We investigate and report violations of human rights in real-time as we rescue North Koreans and after they reach safety. Our documentation takes the form of social-media friendly and shareable video, photographic, and written content that engages global awareness. Private briefings and reports are extended to States on the contemporary human rights landscape in North Korea. Certain content is featured by our partner, Connect: North Korea.


We seek to redress the wrongs perpetrated upon North Koreans through the provision of conventional and transitional justice, the preservation of collective memories, and exile outreach programmes.