How We Work

Korea Future Initiative works to ensure that exiles’ experiences are the basis of efforts to achieve justice and accountability through justice mechanisms. Through investigation, collection, collation and documentation of human rights abuses, we seek to build up a comprehensive understanding of the violations of human rights and international law in North Korea to inform accountability processes.

Women, children, and minorities disproportionately suffer from human rights abuses. In prior research on North Korean human rights, these groups have been underrepresented. The major focus of our documentation efforts are to fill gaps in knowledge of abuses experienced by these groups – knowledge gaps identified by the UN Commission of Inquiry report. Through documenting these abuses, we provide not only a more complete picture of the human rights abuses in North Korea, but it also helps inform our work on justice and related programmes and also helps create the evidence need for accountability.

The evidence we gather mostly comes from primary interviews with North Korean exiles. Once the data is collected, we store it offline to ensure it remains intact for use in justice programmes. We share this data with stakeholders, but the safety and protection of our interviewees is paramount – no identifying data is released without consent from the individual.