Korea Future Initiative

The Korea Future Initiative is a London-based not-for-profit working to deliver dignity, accountability, and justice with exiled North Koreans. Our work sees us investigate and document human rights violations and provide detailed and customised technical advice to exiles and stakeholders pursuing accountability through transitional and conventional justice mechanisms.

Why Our Work is Necessary

The North Korean state has inflicted widespread human rights violations, described as “unparalleled in the contemporary world” by a 2014 UN report, for nearly seventy-years. North Korean survivors and families of victims have yet to see justice. Our work addresses this gap. Aligning our documentation efforts — currently focused on gender-based violence — with existing justice mechanisms, best practices, and global experts, we formulate processes of truth-seeking, legal and moral justice, and reparations alongside exiled communities in Europe and South Korea.

Our Team

Michael Glendinning

Michael Glendinning is the founder and CEO of the Korea Future Initiative. Before starting the organisation, he was the co-founder and Director of the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea. He is also the founder and Director of Connect: North Korea, a London-based charity. Michael has been involved in North Korean human rights since 2009. He holds a BA and MA in English.

James Burt

James Burt is Director of Research at the Korea Future Initiative. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Masters in International Relations, specialising in foreign policy and East Asian regional politics. His work focuses on the fields of policy analysis and creation and he has written on a wide range of topics, including the forced labour of North Koreans, European asylum policy and North Korean refugees, and transitional justice. He is also the Special Advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea, a position he has held since 2013.